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  HB7321Mly Rt III D62058RPR B35490FE12/1952Merthyr TydfilPump-Escape 
  HB5414Ds Ace 200565Ds B20F12/1937Merthyr Tydfil1 
  HB6260Bl L5G 61.094ECW 1281B35R1/1947Merthyr Tydfil1 
  HB8029Bd CAV 24126MW M119/1954Merthyr Tydfil1 
  D801NBOLd RT RTC86.07Ld C49Ft4/1987Merthyr Tydfil1 
  HB5418Ds Lance II 126186PR B5026L27/26R/1937Merthyr Tydfil2Body to HB5998 6/44 
  HB5952Bd OWB 8877Du 31724B32F9/1942Merthyr Tydfil2 
  HB8651Bd CAV 50268MW M111/1956Merthyr Tydfil2 
  D802NBOLd TRCTL11/3RH 8500360Pn 8612LZH2C752C53F4/1987Merthyr Tydfil2 
  HB5953Bd OWB 9181Du 31725B32F9/1942Merthyr Tydfil3 
  AHB212Fd 402E 400E18225Kx M111/1959Merthyr Tydfil3 
  D803NBOLd TRCTL11/3RH 8500521Pn 8612LZH2C753C53F4/1987Merthyr Tydfil3 
  HB4865Ds Lancet 171007Ds B32R10/1935Merthyr Tydfil4 
  HB6642Bl K6G 66.114Davies H30/26R11/1948Merthyr Tydfil4Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 10/53 and Merthyr H30/26R 1/57 
  HB6642 + Bl K6G 66.114Merthyr H30/26R1/1957Merthyr Tydfil4Rebuild of Davies H30/26R and Davies H30/26R 
  HB6642 + Bl K6G 66.114Davies H30/26R10/1953Merthyr Tydfil4Rebuild of Davies H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 1/57 
  CHB327Cr 1500LBD 017142Ml M1111/1961Merthyr Tydfil4 
  HB4866Ds Lancet 171008Ds B32R10/1935Merthyr Tydfil5 
  HB6643Bl K6G 66.115Davies H30/26R12/1948Merthyr Tydfil5Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 11/53 and Merthyr H30/26R 1/57 
  HB6643 + Bl K6G 66.115Davies H30/26R11/1953Merthyr Tydfil5Rebuild of Davies H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 1/57 
  HB6643 + Bl K6G 66.115Merthyr H30/26R1/1957Merthyr Tydfil5Rebuild of Davies H30/26R and Davies H30/26R 
  HB4912Ds Lancet 171023Ds DP32R1/1936Merthyr Tydfil6 
  HB6261Bl L5G 61.095ECW 1282B35R1/1947Merthyr Tydfil6 
  HB4913Ds Lancet 171021Ds DP32R1/1936Merthyr Tydfil7 
  HB6263Bl K6G 62.063My H30/26R7/1947Merthyr Tydfil7 
  HB4891Ds Lancet 171038Ds B32R12/1935Merthyr Tydfil8 
  HB6264Bl K6G 62.064My H30/26R7/1947Merthyr Tydfil8 
  HB4892Ds Lancet 171036Ds B32R12/1935Merthyr Tydfil9 
  HB6265Bl K6G 62.070My H30/26R7/1947Merthyr Tydfil9 
  HB4833Ds Ace 200400Ds B20F8/1935Merthyr Tydfil10 
  HB6262Bl L5G 61.114ECW 1283B35R1/1947Merthyr Tydfil10 
  HB5954Bd OWB 9191Du 31726B32F9/1942Merthyr Tydfil11 
  HB6002Bd OWB 17750Du 38567B32F2/1944Merthyr Tydfil12 
  HB3820Ld LT2 51341Ld B32D1/1931Merthyr Tydfil13 
  HB6003Bd OWB 17761Du 38569B32F3/1944Merthyr Tydfil13 
  HB3821Ld LT2 51342Ld B32D1/1931Merthyr Tydfil14 
  HB5977Dr CWA6 11424Du 37180L27/28R9/1943Merthyr Tydfil14Rebuilt Green,Merthyr H30/26R 10/50 and rebodied Merthyr H30/26R 5/56 
  HB5977 + Dr CWA6 11424Green,Merthyr L27/28R3/1951Merthyr Tydfil14Rebuilt of Du 37180 L27/28R. Rebodied Methyr H30/26R 5/56 
  HB5977 * Dr CWA6 11424Merthyr H30/26R5/1956Merthyr Tydfil14Previously carried Du 37180 L27/28R and Green,Merthyr L27/28R 
  HB3822Ld LT2 51343Ld B32D1/1931Merthyr Tydfil15 
  HB5978Dr CWA6 11425Du 37181L27/28R9/1943Merthyr Tydfil15Rebuilt Harris,Merthyr L27/28R 2/51 
  HB5978 + Dr CWA6 11425Harris,Merthyr L27/28R2/1951Merthyr Tydfil15Rebuilt of Du 37181 L27/28R 
  HB3823Ld LT2 51344Ld B32D1/1931Merthyr Tydfil16 
  HB5979 + Dr CWA6 11450Green,Merthyr H30/26R10/1950Merthyr Tydfil16Rebuilt of Du 37236 H30/26R. Rebodied Methyr H30/26R 10/56 
  HB5979 * Dr CWA6 11450Merthyr H30/26R10/1956Merthyr Tydfil16Previously carried Du 37236 L30/26R and Green,Merthyr L30/26R 
  HB5980Dr CWA6 11429Wey C7999H30/26R10/1943Merthyr Tydfil17Rebuilt Harris,Merthyr L27/28R 6/52 
  HB5980 + Dr CWA6 11429Harris,Merthyr H30/26R6/1952Merthyr Tydfil17Rebuilt of Wey C7999 H30/26R 
  HB5979Dr CWA6 11450Du 37236H30/26R10/1943Merthyr Tydfil18Rebuilt Green,Merthyr H30/26R 10/50 and rebodied Merthyr H30/26R 10/56 
  HB5981Dr CWA6 11428Wey C7998H30/26R10/1943Merthyr Tydfil18Rebuilt Harris,Merthyr L27/28R /50 
  HB5981 + Dr CWA6 11428Harris,Merthyr H30/26R/1950Merthyr Tydfil18Rebuilt of Wey C7998 H30/26R 
  HB5983Dr CWA6 11548Du 38504H30/26R1/1944Merthyr Tydfil19 
  HB5998Dr CWA6 11650PR B5026L27/26R6/1944Merthyr Tydfil20Body ex HB5418. Rebodied Davies H30/26R 11/52 
  HB5998 * Dr CWA6 11650Davies H30/26R11/1952Merthyr Tydfil20Previously carried PR B5026, new on HB5418 
  HB5999Dr CWA6 11769Du 37232L27/28R6/1944Merthyr Tydfil21 
  HB3589Bl BGW B601Bl B32D2/1930Merthyr Tydfil22 
  HB3589Bl B B601Bl B32D2/1930Merthyr Tydfil22 
  HB6000Dr CWA6 11770Du 37233L27/28R6/1944Merthyr Tydfil22Rebuilt Merthyr L27/28R 11/51 and rebodied Merthyr H30/26R 4/55 
  HB6000 + Dr CWA6 11770Merthyr L27/28R11/1951Merthyr Tydfil22Rebuild of Du 37233 L27/28R. Rebodied Merthyr H30/26R 4/55 
  HB6000 * Dr CWA6 11770Merthyr H30/26R4/1955Merthyr Tydfil22Previously carried Du 37233 L27/28R and Merthyr L27/28R 
  HB3590Bl BGW B602Bl B32D2/1930Merthyr Tydfil23 
  HB3590Bl B B602Bl B32D2/1930Merthyr Tydfil23 
  HB6001Dr CWA6 11771Du 37234L27/28R7/1944Merthyr Tydfil23Rebuilt Harris,Merthyr L27/28R 5/51 and rebodied Merthyr H30/26R 4/55 
  HB6001 + Dr CWA6 11771Harris,Merthyr L27/28R5/1951Merthyr Tydfil23Rebuild of Du 37233 L27/28R. Rebodied Merthyr H30/26R 4/55 
  HB6001 * Dr CWA6 11771Merthyr H30/26R4/1955Merthyr Tydfil23Previously carried Du 37234 L27/28R and Harris,Merthyr L27/28R 
  HB3649Bl B B606Bl B32D4/1930Merthyr Tydfil24 
  HB3649Bl BGW B606Bl B32D4/1930Merthyr Tydfil24 
  HB5415Ds Lancet II 175395Ds B36R12/1937Merthyr Tydfil24 
  HB6585Bl K6G 64.178Du 46122H30/26R9/1948Merthyr Tydfil24Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 6/52 
  HB6585 + Bl K6G 64.178Davies H30/26R6/1952Merthyr Tydfil24Rebuild of Du 46122 H30/26R 
  HB3569Bl B B600Bl B32D1/1930Merthyr Tydfil25 
  HB3569Bl BGW B600Bl B32D1/1930Merthyr Tydfil25 
  HB5416Ds Lancet II 175396Ds B36R12/1937Merthyr Tydfil25 
  HB6586Bl K6G 66.034Du 46120H30/26R9/1948Merthyr Tydfil25Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 6/52 
  HB6586 + Bl K6G 66.034Davies H30/26R6/1952Merthyr Tydfil25Rebuild of Du 46120 H30/26R 
  HB5417Ds Lancet II 175397Ds B36R12/1937Merthyr Tydfil26 
  HB6587Bl K6G 66.035Du 46121H30/26R9/1948Merthyr Tydfil26Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 6/52 
  HB6587 + Bl K6G 66.035Davies H30/26R6/1952Merthyr Tydfil26Rebuild of Du 46121 H30/26R 
  HB5875Bl K5G 53.082NCB H30/26R/1939Merthyr Tydfil27 
  HB5876Bl K5G 53.080NCB H30/26R/1939Merthyr Tydfil28 
  HB5877Bl K5G 53.083NCB H30/26R/1939Merthyr Tydfil29 
  HB5878Bl K5G 53.084NCB H30/26R/1939Merthyr Tydfil30 
  HB5879Bl K5G 53.081NCB H30/26R/1939Merthyr Tydfil31 
  HB5880Bl K5G 53.085NCB L27/26R/1939Merthyr Tydfil32 
  HB5881Bl L5G 50.100NCB B36R/1939Merthyr Tydfil33 
  HB5882Bl L5G 50.099NCB B36R/1939Merthyr Tydfil34 
  HB5883Bl L5G 50.098NCB B36R/1939Merthyr Tydfil35 
  HB6014Bl K6A W1.017PR B28672H30/26R9/1944Merthyr Tydfil36Rebuilt Davies,Merthyr H30/26R and Merthyr H30/26R /56 
  HB6014 + Bl K6A W1.017Davies,Merthyr H30/26R10/1950Merthyr Tydfil36Rebuild of PR B28672 H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R /56 
  HB6014 + Bl K6A W1.017Merthyr H30/26R/1956Merthyr Tydfil36Rebuild of PR B28672 H30/26R and Davies,Merthyr H30/26R 
  HB6015Bl K6A W1.018PR B28673H30/26R9/1944Merthyr Tydfil37Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R /56 
  HB6015 + Bl K6A W1.018Merthyr H30/26R/1956Merthyr Tydfil37Rebuild of PR B28673 H30/26R 
  HB6018Bl K6A W1.107PR B28727H30/26R4/1945Merthyr Tydfil38Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 1/58 
  HB6018 + Bl K6A W1.107Merthyr H30/26R1/1958Merthyr Tydfil38Rebuild of PR B28727 H30/26R 
  HB6019Bl K6A W1.108PR B28728H30/26R4/1945Merthyr Tydfil39Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 12/57 
  HB6019 + Bl K6A W1.108Merthyr H30/26R12/1957Merthyr Tydfil39Rebuild of PR B28728 H30/26R 
  HB6016Bl K6A W1.143PR B28749H30/26R6/1945Merthyr Tydfil40Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 11/56 
  HB6016 + Bl K6A W1.143Merthyr H30/26R11/1956Merthyr Tydfil40Rebuild of PR B28749 H30/26R 
  HB6017Bl K6A W1.144PR B28750H30/26R6/1945Merthyr Tydfil41Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 2/57 
  HB6017 + Bl K6A W1.144Merthyr H30/26R2/1957Merthyr Tydfil41Rebuild of PR B28750 H30/26R 
  HB6182Bl K6A W3.124Du 42201H30/26R12/1946Merthyr Tydfil42 
  HB6183Bl K6A W3.125Du 42202H30/26R12/1946Merthyr Tydfil43 
  HB6184Bl K6A W3.126Du 42203H30/26R12/1946Merthyr Tydfil44 
  HB6185Bl K6A W3.127Du 42204H30/26R12/1946Merthyr Tydfil45 
  HB6186Bl K6A W3.128Du 42205H30/26R1/1947Merthyr Tydfil46 
  HB6579Fn PVD6 27236WMI H30/26R6/1948Merthyr Tydfil47Rebuilt LG H30/26R 6/52 and Merthyr H30/26R 2/57 
  HB6579 + Fn PVD6 27236LG H30/26R6/1952Merthyr Tydfil47Rebuild of WMI H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 2/57 
  HB6579 + Fn PVD6 27236Merthyr H30/26R2/1957Merthyr Tydfil47Rebuild of WMI H30/26R and LG H30/26R 
  HB6580Fn PVD6 26654WMI H30/26R6/1948Merthyr Tydfil48Rebuilt LG H30/26R 6/52 and Merthyr H30/26R 4/57 
  HB6580 + Fn PVD6 26654Merthyr H30/26R4/1957Merthyr Tydfil48Rebuild of WMI H30/26R and LG H30/26R 
  HB6580 + Fn PVD6 26654LG H30/26R6/1952Merthyr Tydfil48Rebuild of WMI H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 4/57 
  HB6581Fn PVD6 27228WMI H30/26R6/1948Merthyr Tydfil49Rebuilt LG H30/26R 6/52 and Merthyr H30/26R 6/57 
  HB6581 + Fn PVD6 27228Merthyr H30/26R6/1957Merthyr Tydfil49Rebuild of WMI H30/26R and LG H30/26R 
  HB6581 + Fn PVD6 27228LG H30/26R6/1952Merthyr Tydfil49Rebuild of WMI H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 6/57 
  HB6582Fn PVD6 27216WMI H30/26R6/1948Merthyr Tydfil50Rebuilt LG H30/26R 6/52 and Merthyr H30/26R 7/57 
  HB6582 + Fn PVD6 27216Merthyr H30/26R6/1952Merthyr Tydfil50Rebuild of WMI H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 7/57 
  HB6582 + Fn PVD6 27216LG H30/26R7/1957Merthyr Tydfil50Rebuild of WMI H30/26R and LG H30/26R 
  HB6583Fn PVD6 27232WMI H30/26R7/1948Merthyr Tydfil51Rebuilt LG H30/26R 6/52 and Merthyr H30/26R 5/57 
  HB6583 + Fn PVD6 27232Merthyr H30/26R5/1957Merthyr Tydfil51Rebuild of WMI H30/26R and LG H30/26R 
  HB6583 + Fn PVD6 27232LG H30/26R6/1952Merthyr Tydfil51Rebuild of WMI H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 5/57 
  HB6584Fn PVD6 27218WMI H30/26R7/1948Merthyr Tydfil52Rebuilt LG H30/26R 6/52 and Merthyr H30/26R 7/57 
  HB6584 + Fn PVD6 27218Merthyr H30/26R7/1957Merthyr Tydfil52Rebuild of WMI H30/26R and LG H30/26R 
  HB6584 + Fn PVD6 27218LG H30/26R6/1952Merthyr Tydfil52Rebuild of WMI H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 7/57 
  HB6595Bl K6G 66.062Davies H30/26R6/1948Merthyr Tydfil53Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 4/53 and Merthyr H30/26R 2/57 
  HB6595 + Bl K6G 66.062Merthyr H30/26R2/1957Merthyr Tydfil53Rebuild of Davies H30/26R and Davies H30/26R 
  HB6595 + Bl K6G 66.062Davies H30/26R4/1953Merthyr Tydfil53Rebuild of Davies H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 2/57 
  HB6596Bl K6G 64.135Davies H30/26R7/1948Merthyr Tydfil54Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 5/53 and Merthyr H30/26R 3/57 
  HB6596 + Bl K6G 64.135Merthyr H30/26R3/1957Merthyr Tydfil54Rebuild of Davies H30/26R and Davies H30/26R 
  HB6596 + Bl K6G 64.135Davies H30/26R5/1953Merthyr Tydfil54Rebuild of Davies H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 3/57 
  HB6637Bl K6G 64.136Davies H30/26R7/1948Merthyr Tydfil55Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 6/53 and Merthyr H30/26R 2/57 
  HB6637 + Bl K6G 64.136Merthyr H30/26R2/1957Merthyr Tydfil55Rebuild of Davies H30/26R and Davies H30/26R 
  HB6637 + Bl K6G 64.136Davies H30/26R6/1953Merthyr Tydfil55Rebuild of Davies H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 2/57 
  HB6638Bl K6G 64.177Davies H30/26R8/1948Merthyr Tydfil56Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 7/53 and Merthyr H30/26R 5/57 
  HB6638 + Bl K6G 64.177Davies H30/26R7/1953Merthyr Tydfil56Rebuild of Davies H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 5/57 
  HB6638 + Bl K6G 64.177Merthyr H30/26R5/1957Merthyr Tydfil56Rebuild of Davies H30/26R and Davies H30/26R 
  HB6639Bl K6G 66.063Davies H30/26R9/1948Merthyr Tydfil57Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 8/53 and Merthyr H30/26R 8/57 
  HB6639 + Bl K6G 66.063Merthyr H30/26R8/1957Merthyr Tydfil57Rebuild of Davies H30/26R and Davies H30/26R 
  HB6639 + Bl K6G 66.063Davies H30/26R8/1953Merthyr Tydfil57Rebuild of Davies H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 8/57 
  HB6640Bl K6G 64.134Davies H30/26R10/1948Merthyr Tydfil58Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 9/53 and Merthyr H30/26R 10/57 
  HB6640 + Bl K6G 64.134Davies H30/26R9/1953Merthyr Tydfil58Rebuild of Davies H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 10/57 
  HB6640 + Bl K6G 64.134Merthyr H30/26R10/1957Merthyr Tydfil58Rebuild of Davies H30/26R and Davies H30/26R 
  HB6641Bl K6G 64.179Davies H30/26R11/1948Merthyr Tydfil59Rebuilt Davies H30/26R 10/53 and Merthyr H30/26R 10/57 
  HB6641 + Bl K6G 64.179Merthyr H30/26R10/1957Merthyr Tydfil59Rebuild of Davies H30/26R and Davies H30/26R 
  HB6641 + Bl K6G 64.179Davies H30/26R10/1953Merthyr Tydfil59Rebuild of Davies H30/26R. Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R 10/57 
  HB7145Ds Lt III 902J3Davies B35R9/1951Merthyr Tydfil60 
  HB7162Ds Lt III 903J3Davies B35R10/1951Merthyr Tydfil61 
  HB7163Ds Lt III 904J3Davies B35R11/1951Merthyr Tydfil62 
  HB7164Ds Lt III 905J3Davies B35R11/1951Merthyr Tydfil63 
  HB7165Ds Lt III 906J3Davies B35R12/1951Merthyr Tydfil64 
  HB7272Ds Lance III K3 145K3Davies H30/26RD6/1952Merthyr Tydfil65Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R /57 
  HB7272 + Ds Lance III K3 145K3Merthyr H30/26R/1957Merthyr Tydfil65Rebuild of Davies H30/26RD 
  HB7288Ds Lance III K3 146K3Davies H30/26RD6/1952Merthyr Tydfil66Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R /57 
  HB7288 + Ds Lance III K3 146K3Merthyr H30/26R/1957Merthyr Tydfil66Rebuild of Davies H30/26RD 
  HB7298Ds Lance III K3 148K3Davies H30/26RD7/1952Merthyr Tydfil67Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R /57 
  HB7298 + Ds Lance III K3 148K3Merthyr H30/26R/1957Merthyr Tydfil67Rebuild of Davies H30/26RD 
  HB7301Ds Lance III K3 147K3Davies H30/26RD8/1952Merthyr Tydfil68Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R /57 
  HB7301 + Ds Lance III K3 147K3Merthyr H30/26R/1957Merthyr Tydfil68Rebuild of Davies H30/26RD 
  HB7304Ds Lance III K3 149K3Davies H30/26RD8/1952Merthyr Tydfil69Rebuilt Merthyr H30/26R /57 
  HB7304 + Ds Lance III K3 149K3Merthyr H30/26R/1957Merthyr Tydfil69Rebuild of Davies H30/26RD 
  HB8335Ld PD2/12 550083Davies H32/28R6/1955Merthyr Tydfil71 
  HB8336Ld PD2/12 550080Davies H32/28R7/1955Merthyr Tydfil72 
  HB8337Ld PD2/12 550081LG H32/28R1/1956Merthyr Tydfil73 
  HB8338Ld PD2/12 550084LG H32/28R1/1956Merthyr Tydfil74 
  HB8339Ld PD2/12 550082LG H30/28R1/1956Merthyr Tydfil75 
  GFJ48 + Dr CWA6 11932Merthyr H30/26R2/1958Merthyr Tydfil76Rebuild of Du 40541 H30/26R 
  GFJ49 + Dr CWA6 11933Merthyr H30/26R9/1958Merthyr Tydfil77Rebuild of Du 40542 H30/26R 
  GFJ50 + Dr CWA6 11934Merthyr H30/26R10/1958Merthyr Tydfil78Rebuild of Du 40543 H30/26R 
  GFJ51 + Dr CWA6 11935Merthyr H30/26R4/1958Merthyr Tydfil79Rebuild of Du 40544 H30/26R 
  GFJ52 + Dr CWA6 11941Merthyr H30/26R4/1958Merthyr Tydfil80Rebuild of Du 40545 H30/26R 
  GFJ53 + Dr CWA6 12012Merthyr H30/26R11/1958Merthyr Tydfil81Rebuild of Du 40580 H30/26R 
  GFJ54 + Dr CWA6 12013Merthyr H30/26R6/1958Merthyr Tydfil82Rebuild of Du 40581 H30/26R 
  HB8798Ld PD2/12 560205PR B40098H33/28R10/1956Merthyr Tydfil83 
  HB8799Ld PD2/12 560206PR B40099H33/28R10/1956Merthyr Tydfil84 
  HB8800Ld PD2/12 560207PR B40100H33/28R10/1956Merthyr Tydfil85 
  HB8801Ld PD2/12 560208PR B40101H33/28R10/1956Merthyr Tydfil86 
  HB8802Ld PD2/12 560209PR B40102H33/28R10/1956Merthyr Tydfil87 
  HB9837Ld PD3/4 581291EL 5484H41/32R9/1958Merthyr Tydfil101 
  D101NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1045Ld B51F4/1987Merthyr Tydfil101 
  HB9838Ld PD3/4 581292EL 5485H41/32R9/1958Merthyr Tydfil102 
  D102NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1046Ld B51F4/1987Merthyr Tydfil102 
  HB9839Ld PD3/4 581293EL 5486H41/32R9/1958Merthyr Tydfil103 
  D103NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1047Ld B51F4/1987Merthyr Tydfil103 
  HB9840Ld PD3/4 581294EL 5487H41/32RD9/1958Merthyr Tydfil104 
  D104NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1048Ld B51F4/1987Merthyr Tydfil104 
  HB9841Ld PD3/4 581295EL 5488H41/32RD10/1958Merthyr Tydfil105 
  D105NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1049Ld B51F4/1987Merthyr Tydfil105 
  BHB306Ld PD3/4 600953EL 5644H41/32R9/1960Merthyr Tydfil106 
  D106NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1050Ld B51F4/1987Merthyr Tydfil106 
  BHB307Ld PD3/4 600954EL 5637H41/32R7/1960Merthyr Tydfil107 
  D107NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1054Ld B51F5/1987Merthyr Tydfil107 
  BHB308Ld PD3/4 600955EL 5640H41/32R8/1960Merthyr Tydfil108 
  D108NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1055Ld B51F5/1987Merthyr Tydfil108 
  BHB309Ld PD3/4 600956EL 5642H41/32R9/1960Merthyr Tydfil109 
  D109NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1056Ld B51F5/1987Merthyr Tydfil109 
  BHB310Ld PD3/4 601094EL 5643H41/32R9/1960Merthyr Tydfil110 
  D110NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1057Ld B51F5/1987Merthyr Tydfil110 
  BHB311Ld PD3/4 601095EL 5639H41/32R8/1960Merthyr Tydfil111 
  D111NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1058Ld B51F7/1987Merthyr Tydfil111 
  BHB312Ld PD3/4 601102EL 5641H41/32R8/1960Merthyr Tydfil112 
  D112NDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1059Ld B51F7/1987Merthyr Tydfil112 
  BHB313Ld PD3/4 601103EL 5638H41/32R7/1960Merthyr Tydfil113 
  E113RBOLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1060Ld B51F8/1987Merthyr Tydfil113 
  CHB114Ld PD3/4 610993EL 5791H41/32R10/1961Merthyr Tydfil114 
  E114SDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1064Ld B51F12/1987Merthyr Tydfil114 
  CHB115Ld PD3/4 610994EL 5796H41/32R10/1961Merthyr Tydfil115 
  E115SDWLd LX112TL11ZR1R LX1065Ld B51F1/1988Merthyr Tydfil115 
  CHB116Ld PD3/4 611028EL 5790H41/32R10/1961Merthyr Tydfil116 
  E116UTXLd LX112L10ZR1R LX1161Ld B51F7/1988Merthyr Tydfil116 
  CHB117Ld PD3/4 611029EL 5797H41/32R10/1961Merthyr Tydfil117 
  F117XTXLd LX112L10ZR1R LX1221Ld B51F10/1988Merthyr Tydfil117 
  CHB118Ld PD3/4 611030EL 5794H41/32R10/1961Merthyr Tydfil118 
  F118XTXLd LX112L10ZR1R LX1290Ld B51F1/1989Merthyr Tydfil118 
  CHB119Ld PD3/4 611115EL 5793H41/32R10/1961Merthyr Tydfil119 
  CHB120Ld PD3/4 611116EL 5792H41/32R10/1961Merthyr Tydfil120 
  CHB121Ld PD3/4 611117EL 5795H41/32R10/1961Merthyr Tydfil121 
  AHB132BLd PD3/4 L04114EL 6106H41/32F5/1964Merthyr Tydfil132 
  AHB133BLd PD3/4 L04115EL 6105H41/32F5/1964Merthyr Tydfil133 
  AHB134BLd PD3/4 L04116EL 6107H41/32F5/1964Merthyr Tydfil134 
  AHB135BLd PD3/4 L04117EL 6104H41/32F5/1964Merthyr Tydfil135 
  AHB136BLd L1 L04163EL 6108B45F6/1964Merthyr Tydfil136 
  BHB337CLd L1 L40890EL 6265B45F7/1965Merthyr Tydfil137 
  BHB338CLd L1 L40891EL 6266B45F7/1965Merthyr Tydfil138 
  BHB339CLd PD3/4 L40755EL 6289H41/32F6/1965Merthyr Tydfil139 
  BHB340CLd PD3/4 L40756EL 6290H41/32F7/1965Merthyr Tydfil140 
  BHB341CLd PD3/4 L40757EL 6291H41/32F7/1965Merthyr Tydfil141 
  CHB407DLd PD3/4 L60635EL 6372H41/32F6/1966Merthyr Tydfil142 
  CHB408DLd PD3/4 L62503EL 6376H41/32F10/1966Merthyr Tydfil143 
  CHB409DLd PD3/4 L62742EL 6373H41/32F10/1966Merthyr Tydfil144 
  CHB410DLd PD3/4 L62846EL 6374H41/32F10/1966Merthyr Tydfil145 
  CHB411DLd PD3/4 L62847EL 6375H41/32F10/1966Merthyr Tydfil146 
  DHB147FLd PSU4/2R 701873EL 6575B42D10/1967Merthyr Tydfil147 
  DHB148FLd PSU4/2R 701874EL 6578B42D11/1967Merthyr Tydfil148 
  DHB149FLd PSU4/2R 702511EL 6577B42D11/1967Merthyr Tydfil149 
  DHB150FLd PSU4/2R 702512EL 6574B42D10/1967Merthyr Tydfil150 
  DHB151FLd PSU4/2R 702790EL 6576B42D11/1967Merthyr Tydfil151 
  DHB152FLd PSU4/2R 703571EL 6579B42D12/1967Merthyr Tydfil152 
  DHB153FLd PSU4/2R 703572EL 6582B42D1/1968Merthyr Tydfil153 
  DHB154FLd PSU4/2R 703847EL 6580B42D1/1968Merthyr Tydfil154 
  DHB155FLd PSU4/2R 703848EL 6581B42D1/1968Merthyr Tydfil155 
  DHB156FLd PSU4/2R 800433EL 6583B42D1/1968Merthyr Tydfil156 
  EHB257GLd PSU4/2R 802727EL 6686B43F9/1968Merthyr Tydfil157 
  EHB258GLd PSU4/2R 802728EL 6685B43F9/1968Merthyr Tydfil158 
  EHB259GLd PSU4/2R 802729EL 6687B43F9/1968Merthyr Tydfil159 
  EHB260GLd PSU4/2R 802743EL 6684B43F9/1968Merthyr Tydfil160 
  EHB261GLd PSU4/2R 802744EL 6682B43F9/1968Merthyr Tydfil161 
  EHB262GLd PSU4/2R 802745EL 6683B43F9/1968Merthyr Tydfil162 
  EHB263GLd PSU3/2R 802831EL 6688B51F10/1968Merthyr Tydfil163 
  EHB264GLd PSU3/2R 802832EL 6690B51F10/1968Merthyr Tydfil164 
  EHB265GLd PSU3/2R 802952EL 6689B51F10/1968Merthyr Tydfil165 
  EHB266GLd PSU3/2R 803087EL 6692B51F10/1968Merthyr Tydfil166 
  EHB267GLd PSU3/2R 803088EL 6691B51F10/1968Merthyr Tydfil167 
  EHB268GLd PSU3/2R 803089EL 6693B51F11/1968Merthyr Tydfil168 
  FHB169GLd PSU4A/2R 902222EL 6787B43F6/1969Merthyr Tydfil169 
  FHB170GLd PSU4A/2R 902223EL 6783B43F6/1969Merthyr Tydfil170 
  FHB171GLd PSU4A/2R 902224EL 6786B43F6/1969Merthyr Tydfil171 
  FHB172GLd PSU4A/2R 902225EL 6785B43F6/1969Merthyr Tydfil172 
  FHB173GLd PSU4A/2R 902226EL 6784B43F6/1969Merthyr Tydfil173 
  GHB174JLd PSU3A/2R 7004536EL 6982B51F7/1971Merthyr Tydfil174 
  GHB175JLd PSU3A/2R 7004537EL 6980B51F5/1971Merthyr Tydfil175 
  GHB176JLd PSU3A/2R 7004538EL 6985B51F7/1971Merthyr Tydfil176 
  GHB177JLd PSU3A/2R 7004673EL 6984B51F7/1971Merthyr Tydfil177 
  GHB178JLd PSU3A/2R 7004674EL 6983B51F7/1971Merthyr Tydfil178 
  GHB179JLd PSU3A/2R 7004675EL 6981B51F5/1971Merthyr Tydfil179 
  HHB180KLd PSU3B/2R 7104447EL 7063B51F1/1972Merthyr Tydfil180 
  HHB181KLd PSU3B/2R 7104448EL 7062B51F1/1972Merthyr Tydfil181 
  HHB182KLd PSU3B/2R 7104449EL 7061B51F1/1972Merthyr Tydfil182 
  HHB183KLd PSU3B/2R 7104563EL 7060B51F1/1972Merthyr Tydfil183 
  HHB184KLd PSU3B/2R 7104564EL 7059B51F1/1972Merthyr Tydfil184 
  HHB185KLd PSU3B/2R 7104565EL 7058B51F1/1972Merthyr Tydfil185 
  KHB186LSca BR111MH 542062MCW B44F5/1973Merthyr Tydfil186 
  KHB187LSca BR111MH 542063MCW B44F5/1973Merthyr Tydfil187 
  NHB188MBl RESL6G RESL-8-400ECW 20825B47F11/1973Merthyr Tydfil188 
  NHB289MBl RESL6G RESL-8-401ECW 20826B47F11/1973Merthyr Tydfil189 
  NHB190MBl RESL6G RESL-8-402ECW 20827B47F11/1973Merthyr Tydfil190 
  NHB191MBl RESL6G RESL-8-403ECW 20828B47F11/1973Merthyr Tydfil191 
  NHB892MLN 10351/1R 01310LN B41F4/1974Merthyr Tydfil192 
  NHB893MLN 10351/1R 01311LN B41F4/1974Merthyr Tydfil193 
  HTX725NLN 11351/1R 02153LN B49F4/1975Merthyr Tydfil194 
  HTX726NLN 11351/1R 02154LN B49F4/1975Merthyr Tydfil195 
  HTX727NLN 11351/1R 02155LN B49F4/1975Merthyr Tydfil196 
  HTX728NLN 11351/1R 02156LN B49F4/1975Merthyr Tydfil197 
  HTX729NLN 11351/1R 02157LN B49F4/1975Merthyr Tydfil198 
  KDW706PBl RESL6L RESL-8-436EL 5004B47F11/1975Merthyr Tydfil199 
  KDW707PBl RESL6L RESL-8-437EL 5002B47F11/1975Merthyr Tydfil200 
  KDW708PBl RESL6L RESL-8-438EL 5003B47F11/1975Merthyr Tydfil201 
  KDW709PBl RESL6L RESL-8-439EL 5001B47F10/1975Merthyr Tydfil202 
  NTX360RLd PSU3C/2R 7604063Wk 76495B51F9/1976Merthyr Tydfil203 
  NTX361RLd PSU3C/2R 7603822Wk 76496B51F9/1976Merthyr Tydfil204 
  NTX362RLd PSU3C/2R 7603871Wk 76497B51F9/1976Merthyr Tydfil205Rebodied Wk 90046 B48F 12/90 
  NTX363RLd PSU3C/2R 7604168Wk 76498B51F9/1976Merthyr Tydfil206 
  NTX364RLd PSU3C/2R 7604312Wk 76499B51F9/1976Merthyr Tydfil207 
  ODW117RLd PSU3C/2R 7604311Wk 76500B51F11/1976Merthyr Tydfil208 
  WWO637TLN 11351A/1R 05567LN B49F10/1978Merthyr Tydfil209 
  WWO638TLN 11351A/1R 05568LN B49F10/1978Merthyr Tydfil210 
  WWO639TLN 11351A/1R 05569LN B49F10/1978Merthyr Tydfil211 
  WWO640TLN 11351A/1R 05571LN B49F10/1978Merthyr Tydfil212 
  WWO641TLN 11351A/1R 05572LN B49F10/1978Merthyr Tydfil213 
  WWO642TLN 11351A/1R 05573LN B49F10/1978Merthyr Tydfil214 
  CKG215VDs Do SD116/185Ml 270070B50F10/1979Merthyr Tydfil215 
  CKG216VDs Do SD116/186Ml 270071B50F10/1979Merthyr Tydfil216 
  CKG217VDs Do SD116/187Ml 270072B50F10/1979Merthyr Tydfil217 
  CKG218VDs Do SD116/190Ml 270073B50F10/1979Merthyr Tydfil218 
  CKG219VDs Do SD116/188Ml 270074B50F10/1979Merthyr Tydfil219 
  CKG220VDs Do SD116/189Ml 270075B50F10/1979Merthyr Tydfil220 
  GHB221WLN NL106L11/1R 07148LN B41F9/1980Merthyr Tydfil221 
  GHB222WLN NL106L11/1R 07149LN B41F9/1980Merthyr Tydfil222 
  GHB223WLN NL106L11/1R 07150LN B41F10/1980Merthyr Tydfil223 
  GHB224WLN NL106L11/1R 07155LN B41F10/1980Merthyr Tydfil224 
  GHB225WLN NL106L11/1R 07156LN B41F9/1980Merthyr Tydfil225 
  GHB226WLN NL106L11/1R 07157LN B41F9/1980Merthyr Tydfil226 
  JUH227WLd PSU4F/2R 8031213Du 138/5600B47F5/1981Merthyr Tydfil227 
  JUH228WLd PSU4F/2R 8031193Du 138/5601B47F5/1981Merthyr Tydfil228 
  JUH229WLd PSU4F/2R 8031228Du 138/5602B47F6/1981Merthyr Tydfil229 
  JUH230WLd PSU4F/2R 8031290Du 138/5603B47F6/1981Merthyr Tydfil230 
  JUH231WLd PSU4F/2R 8031316Du 138/5604B47F7/1981Merthyr Tydfil231 
  JWO232WLN NL116L11/1R 07106LN DP44F9/1980Merthyr Tydfil232 
  OWO233YLd PSU3G/2R 8230877Du 239/5629B51F10/1982Merthyr Tydfil233 
  OWO234YLd PSU3G/2R 8230594Du 239/5627DP49F9/1982Merthyr Tydfil234 
  OWO235YLd PSU3G/2R 8230700Du 239/5628DP49F9/1982Merthyr Tydfil235 
  SDW236YDs Lt SD512/126WS 9499/83DP33F3/1983Merthyr Tydfil236 
  SDW237YDs Lt SD512/127WS 9500/83DP33F3/1983Merthyr Tydfil237 
  F501ANYMCW MF150/109 MB10058MCW B23F1/1989Merthyr Tydfil501 
  F502ANYMCW MF150/109 MB10059MCW B23F1/1989Merthyr Tydfil502 
  F503ANYMCW MF150/109 MB10060MCW B23F1/1989Merthyr Tydfil503 
  F504ANYMCW MF150/109 MB10061MCW B23F1/1989Merthyr Tydfil504 
  F505CBOMCW MF150/118 MB10000MCW B25F2/1989Merthyr Tydfil505Was to have been F105CWG for SUT 

Version - 3.9