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  PDZ6263 + LN 11351A/1R 03824EL B11201B49F8/1994Guildford & West Surrey363Rebuild of LN B49F 
  PDZ6264 + LN 11351A/1R 05879EL B11202B49F8/1994Guildford & West Surrey364Rebuild of LN B49F 
  PDZ6265 + LN 11351/1R 02057EL B11203B49F8/1994Guildford & West Surrey365Rebuild of LN B49F 
  SJI5066 + LN 11351A/1R 04139EL B11204B49F8/1994Guildford & West Surrey366Rebuild of LN B49F 
  JIL5367 + LN 11351A/1R 04111EL B11205B49F8/1994Guildford & West Surrey367Rebuild of LN B49F 
  LIL2168 + LN 11351A/1R 04043EL B11206B49F8/1994Guildford & West Surrey368Rebuild of LN B49F 
  SJI5569 + LN 11351A/1R 03811EL B11207B49F9/1994Guildford & West Surrey369Rebuild of LN DP45F 
  SJI5570 + LN 11351/1R 03161EL B11208B49F9/1994Guildford & West Surrey370Rebuild of LN B49F 
  SJI5571 + LN 11351A/1R 03498EL B11209B49F10/1994Guildford & West Surrey371Rebuild of LN B49F 
  SJI5572 + LN 11351/1R/SC 03248EL B11210B49F10/1994Guildford & West Surrey372Rebuild of LN DP45F 
  PDZ6273 + LN 11351/1R 03160EL B11801DP49F10/1994Guildford & West Surrey373Rebuild of LN B49F 
  PDZ6274 + LN 11351A/1R 03570EL B11802DP49F11/1994Guildford & West Surrey374Rebuild of LN B49F 
  PDZ6275 + LN 11351A/1R 04681EL B11803DP49F11/1994Guildford & West Surrey375Rebuild of LN B44D 
  PDZ6276 + LN 11351/1R 01959EL B11804DP49F11/1994Guildford & West Surrey376Rebuild of LN B49F 
  PDZ6277 + LN 11351A/1R 05055EL B11805DP49F11/1994Guildford & West Surrey377Rebuild of LN B49F 
  K402VPKMB 709D WDB6690032N002255Do 52237 632 92B25F9/1992Guildford & West Surrey402 
  K403VPKMB 709D WDB6690032N002279Do 52236 632 92B25F9/1992Guildford & West Surrey403 
  K404VPKMB 709D WDB6690032N002301Do 52286 632 92B25F9/1992Guildford & West Surrey404 
  K405VPKMB 709D WDB6690032N002327Do 52238 632 92B25F9/1992Guildford & West Surrey405 
  L421CPBMB 709D WDB6690032N013061Do 52642 632 93B25F9/1993Guildford & West Surrey421 
  L423CPBMB 709D WDB6690032N013126Do 52712 632 93B25F9/1993Guildford & West Surrey423 
  L424CPBMB 709D WDB6690032N013413Do 52711 632 93B25F9/1993Guildford & West Surrey424 
  L425CPBMB 709D WDB6690032N018686Do 52727 632 93B25F12/1993Guildford & West Surrey425 
  L426CPBMB 709D WDB6690032N018701Do 52728 632 93B25F12/1993Guildford & West Surrey426 
  L427CPBMB 709D WDB6690032N018722Do 52729 632 93B25F12/1993Guildford & West Surrey427 
  L428CPCMB 709D WDB6690032N018709Do B27F12/1993Guildford & West Surrey428 
  L438FPAMB 709D WDB6690032N020098Pn 937MHV2249B23F4/1994Guildford & West Surrey438 
  L439FPAMB 709D WDB6690032N020417Pn 937MHV2250B23F4/1994Guildford & West Surrey439 
  M454HPGMB 709D WDB6690032N019495Ar AM122/9424/6B27F10/1994Guildford & West Surrey454 
  M455HPGMB 709D WDB6690032N019419Ar AM122/9424/7B27F10/1994Guildford & West Surrey455 
  M460JPAMB 709D WDB6690032N025498Ar AM122/9424/1B27F10/1994Guildford & West Surrey460 
  M465LPGMB 709D WDB6690032N029117ArB M34.12B29F2/1995Guildford & West Surrey465 
  L509CPJDs Dt 9.8SDL3035/1938EL B8505B40F5/1994Guildford & West Surrey509 
  L511CPJDs Dt 9.8SDL3035/1940EL B8507B40F5/1994Guildford & West Surrey511 
  M519KPADs Le SLF 11SDA3201/162Wt T123B40F1/1995Guildford & West Surrey519 
  M520KPADs Le SLF 11SDA3201/164Wt T124B40F1/1995Guildford & West Surrey520 
  N713TPKDs Do DDA2006/1104EL B16601H45/31F4/1996Guildford & West SurreyDD13 
  N714TPKDs Do DDA2006/1105EL B16602H45/31F4/1996Guildford & West SurreyDD14 
  N715TPKDs Do DDA2006/1106EL B16603H45/31F4/1996Guildford & West SurreyDD15 
  N716TPKDs Do DDA2006/1107EL B16604H45/31F4/1996Guildford & West SurreyDD16 
  N527SPADs Le SLF 11SDA3201/202Wt U226B39F12/1995Guildford & West SurreyLSL9Intended as 527 
  N237VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10184EL B20401B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL37 
  N239VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10195EL B20403B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL39 
  N240VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10196EL B20404B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL40 
  N241VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10197EL B20405B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL41 
  N242VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10198EL B20406B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL42 
  N243VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10199EL B20407B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL43 
  N244VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10200EL B20408B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL44 
  N245VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10220EL B20409B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL45 
  N246VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10221EL B20410B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL46 
  N247VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10222EL B20411B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL47 
  N248VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10223EL B20412B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL48 
  N249VPHDs Dt SLF SFD112BR1TGW10224EL B20413B31F7/1996Guildford & West SurreyDSL49 
  P268FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1TGW10767Pn 9710.6HLZ6650B39F5/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL68 
  P269FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1TGW10781Pn 9710.6HLZ6651B39F5/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL69 
  P270FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1TGW10782Pn 9710.6HLZ6652B39F5/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL70 
  P271FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1TGW10783Pn 9710.6HLZ6653B39F5/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL71 
  P272FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1TGW10784Pn 9710.6HLZ6654B39F5/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL72 
  P273FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1TGW10785Pn 9710.6HLZ6655B39F5/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL73 
  P274FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1TGW10786Pn 9710.6HLZ6656B39F5/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL74 
  P275FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1TGW10787Pn 9710.6HLZ6657B39F5/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL75 
  P276FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10841Pn 9710.6HLZ6783B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL76 
  P277FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10842Pn 9710.6HLZ6784B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL77 
  P278FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10843Pn 9710.6HLZ6785B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL78 
  P279FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10856Pn 9710.6HLZ6786B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL79 
  P380FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10857Pn 9710.6HLZ6787B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL80 
  P281FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10858Pn 9710.6HLZ6788B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL81 
  P282FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10871Pn 9710.6HLZ6789B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL82 
  P283FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10872Pn 9710.6HLZ6790B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL83 
  P284FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10873Pn 9710.6HLZ6791B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL84 
  P285FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10874Pn 9710.6HLZ6792B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL85 
  P286FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10908Pn 9710.6HLZ6793B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL86 
  P287FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10909Pn 9710.6HLZ6794B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL87 
  P288FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10910Pn 9710.6HLZ6795B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL88 
  P289FPKDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW10911Pn 9710.6HLZ6796B39F7/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL89 
  R297CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11488Pn 9710.6HLZ7696B39F10/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL97 
  R298CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11489Pn 9710.6HLZ7697B39F10/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL98 
  R299CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11490Pn 9710.6HLZ7698B39F10/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL99 
  P477DPEMB 709D WDB6690032N049664Pn 967.6MRV6328B27F2/1997Guildford & West SurreyMM477 
  P479DPEMB 709D WDB6690032N049843Pn 967.6MRV6332B27F2/1997Guildford & West SurreyMM479 
  P480DPEMB 709D WDB6690032N049747Pn 967.6MRV6330B27F2/1997Guildford & West SurreyMM480 
  R310CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11533Pn 9710.6HLZ7699B39F11/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL100 
  R301CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11534Pn 9710.6HLZ7700B39F10/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL101 
  R302CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11532Pn 9710.6HLZ7701B39F10/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL102 
  R303CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11557Pn 9710.6HLZ7702B39F11/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL103 
  R304CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11558Pn 9710.6HLZ7703B39F11/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL104 
  R305CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11582Pn 9710.6HLZ7704B39F11/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL105 
  R296CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11583Pn 9710.6HLZ7705B39F10/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL106 
  R307CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11584Pn 9710.6HLZ7706B39F11/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL107 
  R308CMVDs Dt SLF SFD322BR1VGW11585Pn 9710.6HLZ7707B39F10/1997Guildford & West SurreyDSL108 
  M236KNRMB 709D WDB6690032N028903Ar AM119/9420/18B29F2/1995Guildford & West SurreyMBM236 

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