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  H251KVXDs Do DDA1001/1041NC 4036H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E251 
  H252KVXDs Do DDA1001/1042NC 4037H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E252 
  H253KVXDs Do DDA1001/1043NC 4038H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E253 
  H254KVXDs Do DDA1001/1044NC 4039H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E254 
  H255KVXDs Do DDA1001/1045NC 4040H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E255 
  H256KVXDs Do DDA1001/1039NC 4041H47/29D11/1990Frontrunner Buses S E256 
  H257KVXDs Do DDA1001/1046NC 4042H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E257 
  H258KVXDs Do DDA1001/1040NC 4043H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E258 
  H259KVXDs Do DDA1001/1047NC 4044H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E259 
  H460KVXDs Do DDA1001/1062NC 4108H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E260 
  H261KVXDs Do DDA1001/1048NC 4045H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E261 
  H262KVXDs Do DDA1001/1049NC 4046H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E262 
  H263KVXDs Do DDA1001/1050NC 4047H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E263 
  H264KVXDs Do DDA1001/1051NC 4048H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E264 
  H265KVXDs Do DDA1001/1052NC 4049H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E265 
  H266KVXDs Do DDA1001/1053NC 4050H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E266 
  H267KVXDs Do DDA1001/1054NC 4051H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E267 
  H268KVXDs Do DDA1001/1055NC 4052H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E268 
  H269KVXDs Do DDA1001/1056NC 4102H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E269 
  H270KVXDs Do DDA1001/1057NC 4103H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E270 
  H271KVXDs Do DDA1001/1058NC 4104H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E271 
  H272KVXDs Do DDA1001/1059NC 4105H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E272 
  H273KVXDs Do DDA1001/1060NC 4106H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E273 
  H274KVXDs Do DDA1001/1061NC 4107H47/29D1/1991Frontrunner Buses S E274 

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