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  XRF22SDs Do DD101A/109EL 8304H43/32F6/1978East Staffordshire22 
  XRF23SDs Do DD101A/110EL 8305H43/32F5/1978East Staffordshire23 
  XRF24SLd AN68A/1R 7705040EL 8301H43/32F5/1978East Staffordshire24 
  XRF25SLd AN68A/1R 7705042EL 8302H43/32F5/1978East Staffordshire25 
  XRF26SLd AN68A/1R 7705083EL 8303H43/32F5/1978East Staffordshire26Rebodied EL B2002 B47F 12/93 
  FBF127TDs Do DD110A/145EL 8307H43/32F5/1979East Staffordshire27 
  FBF128TDs Do DD110A/146EL 8306H43/32F5/1979East Staffordshire28 
  FBF129TDs Do DD110A/147EL 8308H43/32F5/1979East Staffordshire29 
  LBF230VDs Do DD120A/199EL 301H43/32F4/1980East Staffordshire30 
  LBF231VDs Do DD120A/200EL 302H43/32F4/1980East Staffordshire31 
  LBF232VDs Do DD120A/201EL 303H43/32F4/1980East Staffordshire32 
  LBF233VDs Do DD120A/202EL 304H43/32F4/1980East Staffordshire33 
  LBF234VDs Do DD120A/203EL 305H43/32F4/1980East Staffordshire34 
  PRE35WDs Do DD120A/250EL 2302H43/32F3/1981East Staffordshire35 
  PRE36WDs Do DD120A/251EL 2305H43/32F3/1981East Staffordshire36 
  PRE37WDs Do DD120A/252EL 2303H43/32F1/1981East Staffordshire37 
  PRE38WDs Do DD120A/253EL 2301H43/32F3/1981East Staffordshire38 
  PRE39WDs Do DD120A/254EL 2304H43/32F1/1981East Staffordshire39 

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