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  EB4267 + Dr CRL6 68676? O44/34F5/1994Argos Bus Services (HK)Rebuild of PR B60266 H43/33F 
  CX8509 + Dr CRL6 68034? O45/27F4/1984Argos Bus Services (HK)13Rebuild of MCW H44/27D 
  GX8531 + Dr CRL6 68071? O45/27F/1984Argos Bus Services (HK)14Rebuild of MCW H44/27D 
  EG9417 + Dr CRL6 68634? O44/34F5/1994Argos Bus Services (HK)67Rebuild of PR B60226 H43/33F 
  FW3002 + Ds Do DDA908/845? O46/34F/2003Argos Bus Services75Rebuild of Ar RL22/1484/7 H45/34F 
  FW4210 + Ds Do DDA908/841? O46/31F/2000Argos Bus Services (HK)76Rebuild of Ar RL22/1484/3 H45/34F 
  FW7360 + Ds Do DDA908/848? O46/34F/2002Argos Bus Services (HK)77Rebuild of Ar RL22/1484/10 H45/34F 
  FW8412 + Ds Do DDA161/580? O46/34F/1998Argos Bus Services (HK)78Rebuild of Ar RL10/1082/6 H45/31F 
  FX5737 + Ds Do DDA908/840? O46/34F/2003Argos Bus Services83Rebuild of Ar RL22/1484/2 H45/34F 

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