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  C319RPEFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFB93514Ce CBS160B16F3/1986Alder Valley North319Do shell S4053 924 85 
  C322RPEFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFB84066Ce CBS165B16F2/1986Alder Valley North322Do shell S4077 924 85 
  C323RPEFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFR97355Ce CBS164B16F3/1986Alder Valley North323Do shell S5309 924 85 
  D825UTFFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00656Ce CBS185B16F10/1986Alder Valley North325Do shell S4500 924 85 
  D826UTFFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00657Ce CBS191B16F10/1986Alder Valley North326Do shell S4501 924 85 
  D827UTFFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00659Ce CBS186B16F10/1986Alder Valley North328Do shell S4503 924 85 
  D828UTFFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00660Ce CBS195B16F10/1986Alder Valley North329Do shell S4504 924 85 
  D829UTFFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00662Ce CBS194B16F10/1986Alder Valley North331Do shell S4506 924 85 
  D830UTFFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00663Ce CBS196B16F10/1986Alder Valley North332Do shell S4507 924 85 
  D831UTFFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00683Ce CBS193B16F10/1986Alder Valley North337Do shell S4527 924 85 
  D832UTFFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00931Ce CBS192B16F10/1986Alder Valley North342Do shell S4545 924 85 
  D343WPEFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00932Ce CBS197B16F10/1986Alder Valley North343Do shell S4546 924 85 
  D344WPEFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00933Ce CBS218B16F10/1986Alder Valley North344Do shell S4547 924 85 
  D345WPEFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00935Ce CBS205B16F10/1986Alder Valley North345Do shell S4549 924 85 
  C349RPEFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00941Ce CBS210B16F5/1986Alder Valley North349Do shell S4555 924 85 
  C350RPEFd Tt SFAYXXBDVYFA00942Ce CBS211B16F4/1986Alder Valley North350Do shell S4556 924 85 
  D956WJHFR Sa 374 SAZZMBPC7AN268779Do S6924 FR983 86B16F10/1986Alder Valley North401 
  D957WJHFR Sa 374 SAZZMBPC7AN269193Do S6933 FR983 86B16F10/1986Alder Valley North402 
  D958WJHFR Sa 374 SAZZMBPC7AN268956Do S6958 FR983 86B16F10/1986Alder Valley North403 
  D959WJHFR Sa 374 SAZZMBPC7AN268970Do S6959 FR983 86B16F10/1986Alder Valley North404 
  D960WJHFR Sa 374 SAZZMBPC7AN268808Do S6968 FR983 86B16F10/1986Alder Valley North405 
  D961WJHFR Sa 374 SAZZMBPC7AN268906Do S6969 FR983 86B16F10/1986Alder Valley North406 
  D822UTFLd ONLXB/1RH ON10126ECW 26414CH39/21F8/1986Alder Valley North1622 
  D823UTFLd ONLXB/1RH ON10127ECW 26415CH39/21F8/1986Alder Valley North1623 
  D824UTFLd ONLXB/1RH ON10128ECW 26416CH39/21F8/1986Alder Valley North1624 

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