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  CS703An PW67 16205KCsn B32F7/1934AA (Dodds,Troon)Rebodied Ar B34F. Second hand 
  CS4002An SpPK115 25010LSt B32F7/1936AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  CS5402An SpPK115 25015JPg B33F5/1937AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  ACS817Bd OWB 10015SMT B32F11/1942AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  KAG574 * Gy Ab II 5LW FD26217Ar 5267H35/28R4/1957AA (Dodds,Troon)Rebuilt from CDR673. Previously carried Ro GO1288 L27/28R 
  SSD326Bd SB1 87799Ys 950B44F10/1961AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  PAG852HDr CRG6LX 62924Ar J18/569/1H43/31F3/1970AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  SCS204JSn Pe RU 47318Sn 801B51F1/1971AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  WCS843KDr CRL6 66041Ar J39/1871/1H44/34F5/1972AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  OCS292LDr CRG6LX 66802Ar AL21/3572/1H43/31F5/1973AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  JCS200NAEC Re 6MU4R30890Wk 73942C49F6/1975AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  KSD228PAEC Re 6MU4R32336Du 548/5900B53F11/1975AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  ASJ206TLd FE30AGR 7801464Ar AL68/4477/2H45/33F4/1979AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  ASJ207TLd FE30AGR 7801472Ar AL68/4477/1H45/33F4/1979AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  GSD723VLd FE30AGR 7905542Ar AL68/4477/3H45/33F6/1980AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  GSD724VLd FE30AGR 7905554Ar AL68/4477/4H45/33F6/1980AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  HCS31VDs Do DD120A/229EL 9807H46/32F7/1980AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  LSJ871WLN NL116AL11/1R 07421LN B52F4/1981AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  LSJ872WLN NL116AL11/1R 07422LN B52F4/1981AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  OCS727XDs Do DD147/377EL 1907H46/32F1/1982AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  A522YSDLN NL116HLXCT/1R 07775LN B52F5/1984AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  A523YSDLN NL116HLXCT/1R 07776LN B52F5/1984AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  E76RCSSca N112CRB YS4NC4X2B01811216EL A7701B51F10/1987AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  E77RCSSca N112CRB YS4NC4X2B01811217EL A7702B51F10/1987AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  F262WSDLd LX112LXCTZR1S LX1134Ld B51F2/1989AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  J277OSJMB 709D WDB6690032P173794Pn 917MCV0509B25F4/1992AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  M100AABSca L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01823654Ar AF15/394/5B51F8/1994AA (Dodds,Troon) 
  CS7804An CX11 58001CBm DP35F5/1938AA (Dodds,Troon)10 
  CS7805An CX11 58001BDu 5217DP35F6/1938AA (Dodds,Troon)12 
  BSD362CAEC Re 2MU3RA5956Ml B3487B45F7/1965AA (Dodds,Troon)DT1 
  CS5401An SpPW141 44009LPg B39F3/1937AA (Dodds,Troon)DT2 
  OSD177AEC Re 2MU3RV2406NC 5471B44F6/1960AA (Dodds,Troon)DT2 
  BAG304Gy Ab III 6LW FD29121Bm 2602B35F5/1946AA (Dodds,Troon)DT3 
  VCS89KSn Pe RU 48484Sn 1104B51F12/1971AA (Dodds,Troon)DT3 
  CCS445Gy Ab III 5LW FD33095Bm 3828B36F11/1948AA (Dodds,Troon)DT4 
  BSD363CAEC Re 2MU3RA5955Ml B3488B45F7/1965AA (Dodds,Troon)DT5 
  GYE87 * Gy Ab II 5LW FD27579ECW 5660H30/26R/1961AA (Dodds,Troon)DT6Previously carried NCB H30/26R. Body as ASD20 
  ASD539Gy Ab II 6LW FD26778Roe GO1798L27/28R6/1944AA (Dodds,Troon)DT9 
  OSD178 * Gy Ab II 5LW FD26694NC 5474FH37/27F6/1960AA (Dodds,Troon)DT9Rebuilt from CDR757. Previously carried Ro GO1765 L27/28R 
  CAG800Gy Ab III 6LW FD28450PR B33684H30/26R6/1948AA (Dodds,Troon)DT10Rebodied My 2176 H33/28R 3/67. Body ex DVD878 
  CAG800 * Gy Ab III 6LW FD28450My 2167H33/28R3/1967AA (Dodds,Troon)DT10Previously carried PR B33684 H30/26R. Body ex DVD878 
  XAG119KAEC Re 6MU4R8045Wk 72218DP49F6/1972AA (Dodds,Troon)DT10 
  CAG801Gy Ab III 6LW FD35904PR B33685H30/26R6/1948AA (Dodds,Troon)DT11 
  XAG120KAEC Re 6MU4R8046Wk 72219DP49F7/1972AA (Dodds,Troon)DT11 
  CSD843Gy Ab III 6LW FD36260PR B34225H30/26R12/1949AA (Dodds,Troon)DT12 
  CS8680An CX9 58006EPg DP35F12/1938AA (Dodds,Troon)DT13 
  DUS424 * Gy Ab II 6LW FD27180ECW 5665H30/26R12/1961AA (Dodds,Troon)DT14Previously carried NC 3689 H30/26R. Body ex XS5564 
  FOP447 * Gy Ab II 5LW FD27167ECW 3323L27/26R1/1954AA (Dodds,Troon)DT14Body ex TK8916 
  ASD231Bd OWB 15608Du 33906B32F8/1943AA (Dodds,Troon)DT15 
  ASD232Bd OWB 15544Du 33908B32F8/1943AA (Dodds,Troon)DT16Rebodied BH C30F /50 
  GSD779Gy Ab IV 6LW FD72425Roe GO4024H37/28RD6/1955AA (Dodds,Troon)DT16 
  XSD430Dr CRG6LX 60602Ar 1663/1H44/34F3/1964AA (Dodds,Troon)DT17 
  EAG714DDr CRG6LX 61220Ar A17/165/1H44/35F2/1966AA (Dodds,Troon)DT19 
  NSJ380RLd FE30ALR 7603335Ar AL49/1074/1H43/31F8/1976AA (Dodds,Troon)DT23Rebuilt ? O43/31F 5/92 
  NSJ381RLd FE30ALR 7603336Ar AL49/1074/2H43/31F8/1976AA (Dodds,Troon)DT24 

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