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Owner:A1 (Hunter,Ardrossan)Body:All

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  DCS616Dr CVD6SD 16519Irvine C35F11/1950A1 (Hunter,Ardrossan)Rebodied My 2300 H33/28R 3/58 and eebuilt ? O32/28RD /88 
  GSD366Dr CVG6DD 18772NC 4910H32/28R/1955A1 (Hunter,Ardrossan) 
  ECS58VDs Do DD120B/162EL 9804H45/32F11/1979A1 (Hunter,Ardrossan) 
  GSJ60VDs Do DD120B/216EL 9806H46/32F7/1980A1 (Hunter,Ardrossan) 
  UCS763Dr CRG6LX 60053NC 5688H41/33F10/1962A1 (Hunter,Ardrossan)2 
  BCS889Cy DD42/3 93312SC H30/26R6/1946A1 (Hunter,Ardrossan)17 
  RAG578Dr CVG6LX.30DD 30083NC 5480FH41/32F11/1960A1 (Hunter,Ardrossan)19 
  WAG709Dr CRG6LX 60241NC 6040H41/33F6/1963A1 (Hunter,Ardrossan)43 
  DCS616 * Dr CVD6SD 16519My 2300H33/28R3/1958A1 (Hunter,Ardrossan)16APreviously carried Irvine C35F. Rebuilt ? O32/28RD /88 

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