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  M409PUY Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/2551 NC 4947 B42F 5/1995 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  M421PUY Ds Jv 12SDA2161/1195 Pn 9512HCP3632 C57F 5/1995 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  M423PUY Ds Jv 12SDA2161/1192 Pn 9512HCP3607 C49Ft 4/1995 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  M432PUY Ds Jv 12SDA2161/1202 Pn 9512HCP3634 C57F 5/1995 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  M434PUY Ds Jv 12SDA2161/1189 Pn 9512HCP3606 C49Ft 4/1995 Whittle,Kidderminster  Rebodied UVG 5817/97 C53F 12/97  
  M436PUY Ds Jv 12SDA2161/1188 Pn 9512HCP3605 C49Ft 4/1995 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  M437PUY Ds Jv 12SDA2161/1143 Pn 9512HCP3604 C49Ft 4/1995 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  P118XUY Ds Jv SFD721BR3VGJ21985 UVG 5636/97 C57F 4/1997 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  M422PUY Ds Jv 12SDA2161/1201 Pn 9512HCP3633 C57F 5/1995 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  F112TWP Ds Jv 12SDA1917/481 Pn 8912HDA1250 C57F 5/1989 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  K21OUY Vo B10M-60 YV31MGD10NA029764 Pn 9212VCP0694 C49Ft 2/1993 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  L120CUY MB 709D WDB6690032N020103 Pn 947MHV2247 B23F 5/1994 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  K37OUY Vo B10M-60 YV31MGD14NA029766 Pn 9212VCP0696 C49Ft 2/1993 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  YX15ZSO Vo B11R YV3T2U820FA170755 Pn EP14/01 C53Ft 6/2015 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  P32XUY Ds Jv SFD721BR3VGJ21981 UVG 5634/97 C57F 4/1997 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  P35XUY Ds Jv SFD721BR3TGJ31929 UVG 5633/97 C57F 4/1997 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  M425PUY Ds Jv 12SDA2161/1194 Pn 9512HCP3631 C49Ft 4/1995 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  E511JWP Ds Jv 12SDA1908/152 Pn 8812DAP3C04N C49Ft 3/1988 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  K6GOW Ds Dt 9.8SDL3017/1008 NC 3795 B35F 11/1992 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  K33GOW Ds Dt 9.8SDL3017/1009 NC 3796 DP40F 11/1992 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  E502JWP Ds Jv 12SDA1908/145 Pn 8812DAP3C011 C57F 2/1988 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  E503JWP Ds Jv 12SDA1908/146 Pn 8812DAP3C012 C50F 2/1988 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  E544JWP Ds Jv 12SDA1908/147 Pn 8812DAP3C013 C49Ft 3/1988 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  E509JWP Ds Jv 12SDA1908/148 Pn 8812DAP3C03N C49Ft 3/1988 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  F244SAB Ds Jv 12SDA1917/483 Pn 8912HEA1252 C57F 4/1989 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  E508JWP Ds Jv 12SDA1908/151 Pn 8812DAP3C02N C49Ft 3/1988 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  F139TWP Ds Jv 12SDA1917/482 Pn 8912HDA1251 C57F 5/1989 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  E545JWP Ds Jv 12SDA1908/153 Pn 8812DAP3C05N C49Ft 3/1988 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  E549JWP Ds Jv 12SDA1908/154 Pn 8812DAP3C06N C49Ft 3/1988 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  E550JWP Ds Jv 12SDA1908/155 Pn 8812DAP3C07N C49Ft 3/1988 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  F903RWP Ds Jv 12SDA1917/478 Pn 8912HEA1247 C57F 4/1989 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  F904RWP Ds Jv 12SDA1917/479 Pn 8912HEA1248 C57F 4/1989 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  F907RWP Ds Jv 12SDA1917/480 Pn 8912HEA1249 C57F 4/1989 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  P28XUY Ds Jv SFD721BR3VGJ21980 UVG 5635/97 C57F 4/1997 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  E506JWP Ds Jv 12SDA1908/149 Pn 8812DAP3C01N C49Ft 3/1988 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  T645XNP Ds Jv SFD732BR4XGJ42255 Pn 9912GMP0755 C44Ft 5/1999 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  Y404DAB Ds R410 SFD112BR11GC10140 Pn 0112GWL3607 C49Ft 6/2001 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  Y351DAB Oe M850 SAB19000000000609 Oe 190609 B29F 3/2001 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  Y352DAB Oe M850 SAB19000000000610 Oe 190610 B29F 3/2001 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  K36OUY Vo B10M-60 YV31MGD12NA029765 Pn 9212VCP0695 C53F 2/1993 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  Y429DAB Ds R410 SFD112BR11GC10138 Pn 0112GWL3609 C49Ft 7/2001 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  R308RCJ Ds Jv SFD721BR4VGJ22058 UVG 5716/98 C57F 4/1998 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  Y437DAB Ds R410 SFD112BR11GC10139 Pn 0112GWL3610 C49Ft 7/2001 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  F151TWP MB 811D WDB67030320886916 RB 17220 B33F  1/1989 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  F115TWP MB 811D WDB67030320894491 RB 17221 C33F  1/1989 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  W102PNP Ds Jv SFD721BR3XGJE2265 Pn 9912GHM1087 C57F 3/2000 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  Y407DAB Ds R410 SFD112BR11GC10137 Pn 0112GWL3608 C49Ft 6/2001 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  V616FWP Ds Jv SFD721BR3XGJE2260 Pn 9912GHM1049 C57F 1/2000 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  W119PNP Ds Jv SFD721BR3XGJE2266 Pn 9912GHM1052 C57F 3/2000 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  V903EWP Ds Dt SPD SFD466BR1WGW40228 Pn 9911.3HAB0391 B41F 11/1999 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  R311RCJ Ds Jv SFD721BR4VGJ22057 UVG 5774/98 C57F 4/1998 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  R334RCJ Ds Jv SFD721BR3VGJ22048 UVG 5699/98 C53F 4/1998 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  R339RCJ Ds Jv SFD721BR3VGJ22030 UVG 5700/98 C53F 4/1998 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  R340RCJ Ds Jv SFD721BR4VGJ22056 UVG 5715/98 C53F 4/1998 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  V617FWP Ds Jv SFD721BR3XGJE2263 Pn 9912GHM1051 C57F 1/2000 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  S253XUY Ds Dt SLF SFD322BR1WGW12553 Pn 9810.7HLB9564 B38F 10/1998 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  T615XNP Ds Jv SFD732BR4XGJ42254 Pn 9912GMP0754 C48Ft 5/1999 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  V930EWP Ds Dt SPD SFD466BR1WGW40230 Pn 9911.3HAB0392 B41F 11/1999 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  X147JWP Oe M850 VN6525 Oe 6525 B29F 2/2001 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  T638XNP Ds Jv SFD732BR4XGJ42251 Pn 9912GMP0752 C44Ft 5/1999 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  T631XNP Ds Jv SFD732BR4XGJ42252 Pn 9912GMP0753 C44Ft 5/1999 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  S250XUY Ds Dt SLF SFD322BR1WGW12552 Pn 9810.7HLB9565 B38F 10/1998 Whittle,Kidderminster    
  M434PUY Ds Jv 12SDA2161/1189 UVG 5817/97 C53F 12/1997 Whittle,Kidderminster  Previously carried Pn 9512HCP3606  
  C302JNS Du 425 SDAK1504/016 Du 8485/0559 C59F 7/1986 Whittle,Kidderminster   
  C152PAB Du 425 SDAK1503/007 Du 8485/0577 C57F 9/1985 Whittle,Kidderminster   
  G102JNP Ds Jv 12SDA1931/554 Pn 9012HDA2015 C49F 4/1990 Whittle,Kidderminster   
  JPY505 Du 425 SDAK1503/003 Du 8485/0575 C55Ft 9/1985 Whittle,Kidderminster   
  C107PAB Du 425 SDAK1504/005 Du 8485/0576 C57F 8/1985 Whittle,Kidderminster   
  G108JNP Ds Jv 12SDA1931/555 Pn 9012HDA2016 C49F 4/1990 Whittle,Kidderminster   
  G111JNP Ds Jv 12SDA1931/556 Pn 9012HDA2017 C49F 4/1990 Whittle,Kidderminster 11   
  H17GOW Ds Jv 12SDA1929/581 Pn 9112HDA0115 C53F 6/1991 Whittle,Kidderminster 17   
  H19GOW Ds Jv 12SDA1929/582 Pn 9112HDA0116 C53F 6/1991 Whittle,Kidderminster 19   
  G130JNP Ds Jv 12SDA1930/610 Pn 9012HDA2018 C53F 5/1990 Whittle,Kidderminster 30   
  G131JNP Ds Jv 12SDA1931/557 Pn 9012HDA2019 C49F 4/1990 Whittle,Kidderminster 31   
  LSV548 Bd YNV FT700357 Du 8550/0594 C49Ft 7/1985 Whittle,Kidderminster 48   
  VX55OBU Vo B12B YV3R8F8295A102067 Pn 0412TKL5784 C49Ft 1/2006 Whittle,Kidderminster 65   
  VX55OBV Vo B12B YV3R8G1205A107951 Pn 0512TKT6123 C57F 1/2006 Whittle,Kidderminster 66   
  VX55OBW Vo B12B YV3R8G1226A109458 Pn 0512TKT6319 C53F 1/2006 Whittle,Kidderminster 67   
  VX55OBY Vo B12B YV3R8G1256A109504 Pn 0512TKT6320 C53F 1/2006 Whittle,Kidderminster 68   
  YX07HKJ Vo B12B YV3R8G1207A116913 Pn 0712TKT6898 C53F 5/2007 Whittle,Kidderminster 78   
  YX07HKK Vo B12B YV3R8G1297A116912 Pn 0712TKT6994 C53F 5/2007 Whittle,Kidderminster 79   
  YX07HKL Vo B12B YV3R8G1267A116818 Pn 0612.3TKR6876 C49Ft 5/2007 Whittle,Kidderminster 80   
  YX07HKM Vo B12B YV3R8G1267A116821 Pn 0612.3TKR6878 C49Ft 5/2007 Whittle,Kidderminster 81