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  A228GNR Bd YNT DT106469 Pn 8411NTP1X504 C53F 2/1984 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  C432HHL Bd YNT ET104922 Pn 8611NTP2C005 C53F 11/1985 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  JJF880V Bd YMT KW451328 Pn 8011TC115 C53F 4/1980 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  VJU260X Bd YNT CT102133 Pn 8211NTS5X518 C53F 3/1982 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  VJU261X Bd YNT CT102172 Pn 8211NTS5X519 C53F 3/1982 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  YUT637Y Bd YNT CT104122 Pn 8311NTP1C008 C53F 10/1982 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  YUT638Y Bd YNT CT104129 Pn 8311NTP1C009 C53F 10/1982 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  BUT46Y Bd YNT CT104738 Pn 8311NTP1X511 C53F 3/1983 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  BUT47Y Bd YNT CT104745 Pn 8311NTP1X512 C53F 3/1983 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  A759ENR Bd YNT DT105310 Pn 8411NTP1C004 C53F 11/1983 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  JJF878V Bd YMT KW451531 Pn 8011TC113 C53F 4/1980 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  A229GNR Bd YNT DT106228 Pn 8411NTP1X503 C53F 2/1984 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  G878BKV Ld TRCL10/3RZM TR00640 Pn 8912LCA0954 C53F 1/1990 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  TBC577R Bd YMT GW450854 Co 77/109 C53F 5/1977 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  TBC578R Bd YMT GW450857 Co 77/110 C53F 5/1977 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  TBC579R Bd YMT GW450860 Co 77/111 C53F 5/1977 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  XFP982S Bd YLQ GW454943 Co 78057 C45F 5/1978 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  XFP983S Bd YLQ GW455152 Co 78058 C45F 5/1978 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  B149CHE Bd YNT ET103540 Pn 8411NTP1C033 C53F 12/1984 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  B624LJU Bd YNT ET105372 Pn 8411NTP1C044 C53F 12/1984 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  B675EWE Bd YNT ET106982 Pn 8511NTP2C009 C53F 4/1985 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  F375MUT Ds Jv 12SDA1907/196 Pn 8812DAP3C017 C53F 9/1988 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  A758ENR Bd YNT DT105895 Pn 8311NTP1C080 C53F 10/1983 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  JRW734N Fd R1114 BC04PB56021 Pn 7511FX509 C53F 4/1975 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  F376MUT Ds Jv 12SDA1907/228 Pn 8812DAP3C024 C53F 9/1988 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  F867RFP Ds Jv 12SDA1907/316 Pn 8812DAP3C031 C53F 4/1989 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  F868RFP Ds Jv 12SDA1907/317 Pn 8812DAP3C032 C53F 4/1989 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  ODU254P Bd YLQ FW452940 Du 615/2044 C45F 5/1976 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  ODU252P Bd YLQ FW452948 Du 615/2045 C45F 6/1976 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  ODU255P Bd YLQ FW453592 Du 615/2046 C45F 6/1976 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  ODU251P Bd YLQ FW453593 Du 616/2220 C45F 5/1976 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  ODU253P Bd YLQ FW454064 Du 616/2221 C45F 7/1976 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  PWK562R Bd YMT FW455424 Du 617/2472 C53F 8/1976 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  JJF879V Bd YMT KW451519 Pn 8011TC114 C53F 4/1980 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  JRW733N Fd R1014 BC04RK63933 Pn 7510FC021 C45F 4/1975 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  C433HHL Bd YNT ET107219 Pn 8611NTP2C001 C53F 11/1985 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  JRW731N Fd R1114 BC04PR61589 Pn 7511FX510 C53F 4/1975 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  EVC212T Bd YMT JW452827 Du 917/2532 C53F 4/1979 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  EVC213T Bd YMT JW453046 Du 917/2533 C53F 5/1979 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  EVC215T Bd YMT JW452808 Du 918/2768 C53F 4/1979 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  EVC214T Bd YMT JW453050 Du 918/2769 C53F 4/1979 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  ARW62S Bd YMT HW452812 Pn 7811TXM512 C53F 7/1978 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  ARW61S Bd YMT HW452820 Pn 7811TXM513 C53F 7/1978 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  G880BKV Ld TRCL10/3RZM TR00628 Pn 8912LCA0951 C53F 1/1990 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  G879BKV Ld TRCL10/3RZM TR00630 Pn 8912LCA0955 C53F 1/1990 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  JRW732N Fd R1014 BC04RK63942 Pn 7510FC020 C45F 5/1975 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  265FWD Bd SB5 91792 Du 1159/305 C41F 4/1963 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  B631OFP Bd YNT ET105854 Pn 8511NTP2C027 C53F 5/1985 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  BWD682J Bd SB5 1T484691 Du 232/68 C41F 4/1971 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  324EWD Bd SB5 91160 Du 1159/80 C41F 1/1963 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  EAC659C Bd SB5 96367 Du 1183/223 C41F 4/1965 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  8364UE Bd SB1 85642 Du 1133/56 C41F 3/1961 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  325EWD Bd SB5 91164 Du 1159/81 C41F 1/1963 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  EAC657C Bd SB5 96272 Du 1183/196 C41F 4/1965 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  EAC658C Bd SB5 96368 Du 1183/205 C41F 4/1965 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  EAC660C Bd SB5 96453 Du 1183/224 C41F 4/1965 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  FWD413K Fd R192 BC04LS44230 Du 256/13 C45F 5/1972 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  7996AC Bd SB1 70008 Du 1105/448 C41F 6/1959 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  FWD411K Fd R226 BC04LS43902 Du 240/98 C53F 3/1972 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  2062AC Cr Avr IV 94A0236 Du 1091/47 C41F /1958 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  2063AC Cr Avr IV 94A0238 Du 1091/49 C41F /1958 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  7555NX Bd SB1 80863 Bm 7123 C41F 6/1960 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  7554NX Bd SB1 80991 Bm 7111 C41F 5/1960 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  HUE910 Cy SD42/7 97899 Ys 116 C33F 5/1949 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  HAC355 Cy SD42/6 97618 Ys 78 C35F 9/1948 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  FWD37 Ds Lt III 206J3 Sts  C33F 6/1947 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  HNX924 Ds Lt III 517J3 Bm 3677 C33F 1/1949 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  KNX470 Bd OB 146445 Du 48262 C29F 5/1951 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  264FWD Bd SB5 91786 Du 1159/304 C41F 4/1963 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  RNX949M Bd YRT CW458464 Du 418/3703 C53F 4/1974 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  C434HHL Bd YNT ET107433 Pn 8611NTP2C003 C53F 11/1985 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  D704RAK Ld TRCTL11/3RZ 8500537 Pn 8612LMP2C012 C57F 3/1987 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  D705RAK Ld TRCTL11/3RZ 8500581 Pn 8612LMP2C014 C57F 3/1987 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  C650VNR Bd YNV FT700208 Pn 8512NVP2C011 C57F 6/1986 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  E833EUT Bd YNV FT700419 Pn 8712NVP3C026 C57F 10/1987 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  E832EUT Bd YNV FT700415 Pn 8712NVP3C027 C57F 10/1987 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  E831EUT Bd YNV FT700412 Pn 8712NVP3C029 C57F 10/1987 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  E830EUT Bd YNV FT700410 Pn 8712NVP3C030 C57F 10/1987 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  YNX422H Bd VAM70 0T478356 Du 211/97 C45F 7/1970 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  FWD412K Fd R192 BC04LS44788 Du 256/12 C45F 5/1972 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  7697AC Bd SB1 71447 Hn 2111 C41F 6/1959 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  ENX863 Bd OB 12003 Du 41534 B28F 1/1946 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  RNX950M Bd YRT CW458850 Du 418/3704 C53F 4/1974 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  YUE718J Fd R226 BC04JK48789 Pn 708728 C53F 8/1970 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  LUE692L Bd YRT CW452949 Pn 732787 C53F 4/1973 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  LUE693L Bd YRT CW452991 Pn 732788 C53F 4/1973 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  UNX194G Fd R226 BC04HS52939 Du(N) 201/43 C53F 5/1969 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  UNX195G Fd R226 BC04HL53754 Du(N) 201/45 C53F 6/1969 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  BWD679J Fd R226 BC04KP53002 Du 230/59 C53F 5/1971 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  BWD680J Fd R192 BC04LC57759 Du 228/67 C45F 4/1971 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  BWD681J Fd R192 BC04LC58370 Du 228/68 C45F 5/1971 Wainfleet,Nuneaton    
  7698AC Bd SB1 71438 Hn 2112 C41F 7/1959 Wainfleet,Nuneaton