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  D695XBB Ld TRCTL11/3RZ 8500527 Pn 8612LMP2C005 C57F 3/1987 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  N319SNL Ds Jv 12SDA1255/1241 Pn 9512HBM3890 C53F 4/1996 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  NPT582P Bd VAS5 FW450417 Pn 76PJK015 C29F 1/1976 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  OUP650T Bd YMT JW452874 Pn 7911TC223 C53F 5/1979 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  G977VVK Ld TRCL10/3RZM TR00637 Pn 8912LCA0964 C53F 1/1990 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  PCN25 Bd YNT ET103568 Pn 8411NTP1C085 C53F 6/1984 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  E490FCN Ds Jv 11SDL1905/138 Pn 8811DJP3C008 C53F 4/1988 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  S928OCU Vo B10M-62 YV31MA610WA049282 VH 33482 C49Ft 11/1998 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  TUP298M Bd YRQ DW456273 Du 417/3123 C45F 7/1974 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  NA02ENC Vo B10M-62 YV31MA61XYA052192 Pn 0012VUL3093 C49Ft 4/2002 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  BCN633C Bd VAL14 1792 Du 1185/85 C52F 6/1965 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  BCN808C Bd VAS1 2025 Pn 653172 C29F 7/1965 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  VPT863L Bd YRQ 2T471283 Pn 728234 C45F 8/1972 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  CPT352L Bd VAS5 CW453733 Pn 732071 C29F 6/1973 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  YN07NTO Vo B12B YV3R8G1217A116869 Pn 0612.3TKR6882 C49Ft 5/2007 Thirlwell,Swalwell    
  R429JTN Vo B10M-48 YV31MA51XVA047118 VH 33074 C38Ft 8/1997 Thirlwell,Swalwell