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  H265GRY Ld TR2R62C21Z6 TR00897 Pn 9012LSA2428 C53F 5/1991 Reliance,Gravesend    
  G957WNR Ds Jv 12SDA1907/439 Pn 8912HDA1244 C57F 1/1990 Reliance,Gravesend    
  G958WNR Ds Jv 12SDA1907/507 Pn 8912HCA1712 C57F 2/1990 Reliance,Gravesend    
  LKO731P Bd VAS5 EW457147 Du 512/1094 C29F 11/1975 Reliance,Gravesend    
  HKJ407N Bd YRT EW450644 Du 517/2307 C53F 1/1975 Reliance,Gravesend    
  BKN25T Bd YMT HW453948 Du 917/2403 C53F 11/1978 Reliance,Gravesend    
  BKR945T AEC Re 6U2R37822 Du 941/5710 C53F 1/1979 Reliance,Gravesend    
  WKK744S Bd YMT GW456052 Pn 7811TCM045 C53F 1/1978 Reliance,Gravesend    
  A93PKJ Vo B10M-61 6132 Du 349/7076 C51F 3/1984 Reliance,Gravesend    
  A227LFX Vo B10M-61 6170 Du 449/7095 C51F 7/1984 Reliance,Gravesend    
  B169WKO Vo B10M-61 9193 Pn 8512VPP2C013 C57F 2/1985 Reliance,Gravesend    
  E976NMK Vo B10M-61 YV31MGD1XJA016546 Pn 8812VMP3C030 C57F 1/1988 Reliance,Gravesend    
  E291OMG Vo B10M-61 YV31MGD11JA017486 Pn 8812VMP3C031 C57F 5/1988 Reliance,Gravesend    
  F170XLJ Ds Jv 12SDA1907/273 Du 8880/0805 C57F 6/1989 Reliance,Gravesend    
  H264GRY Ld TRCL10/3RZM TR00870 Pn 9012LCA2347 C53F 5/1991 Reliance,Gravesend    
  E44MMT Ld RT RTC87.24 Ld  C51F 6/1987 Reliance,Gravesend  Intended as D163HML  
  H266GRY Ld TR2R62C21Z6 TR00898 Pn 9012LSA2430 C53F 5/1991 Reliance,Gravesend    
  JKL627N Bd YRQ EW452043 Du 416/2639 C45F 4/1975 Reliance,Gravesend    
  WKE360X Ld PSU3F/5R 8030322 Pn 8111LC019 C53F 2/1982 Reliance,Gravesend    
  DNK585Y Ld TRCTL11/3R 8200371 Pn 8212LTS5C055 C57F 9/1982 Reliance,Gravesend    
  RKK813R Fd R1114 BC04RM64770 Co 77/3 C53F 11/1976 Reliance,Gravesend    
  XWF69T Bd CFL HY614438 RB 11505 C17F 8/1978 Reliance,Gravesend    
  XKN345S Bd CFL GY621355 RB 11498 C17F 5/1978 Reliance,Gravesend    
  TKJ769X Ld PSU3F/4R 8030235 Du 133/5180 C53F 8/1981 Reliance,Gravesend    
  A72NKE Ld TRCTL11/3R 8300379 Pn 8312LTP1C117 C57F 11/1983 Reliance,Gravesend    
  A160NKE Ld TRCTL11/3R 8300380 Pn 8312LTP1C118 C57F 11/1983 Reliance,Gravesend    
  B999YKJ Ld TRCTL11/3R 8400284 Pn 8512LTP2C018 C57F 4/1985 Reliance,Gravesend    
  D162HML Ld RT RTC87.04 Ld  C49Ft 6/1987 Reliance,Gravesend    
  D164HML Ld RT RTC87.16 Ld  C49Ft 6/1987 Reliance,Gravesend    
  H263GRY Ld TRCL10/3RZA TR00835 Pn 9012LCA2420 C53F 5/1991 Reliance,Gravesend