Dennis/Transbus/Alexander Dennis - Javelin - 2566 records
 ManufacturerDennis/Transbus/Alexander Dennis 
 Built/DeliveredFrom: 1987 To: Present 
 Last Update15/07/2019  
 DetailsAvailable in lengths from 8.5m to 12m in both bus and coach form. 
  This chassis has been popular with the MoD with Wadham Stringer and later UVG bodywork. Introduced by Dennis, later bult by Transbus and Alexander Dennis 
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 Chassis NumberRegistrationBody NumberSeatingNewOwnerFleetnumberNotesMore
  SFD745BR55GJ22601 A12CLN Pn 0712GRX7310 C57F 9/2007 Country Lion,Northampton    
  SFD755BR67GJ22602 HT08BJT Pn 0812JAX7741 C57F 5/2008 Brijan Tours,Bishops Waltham 95   
  SFD755BR67GJ22603 BT08BJT Pn 0812JAX7742 C57F 5/2008 Brijan Tours,Bishops Waltham 96   
  SFD755BR68GJ22604 AL08ASH Pn 0812JAX7745 C53F 4/2008 Ashford Luxury,Bedfont    
  SFD755BR68GJ22605 YN08DNJ Pn 0812JAX7740 C70F 5/2008 Windy Corner,Pencader    
  SFD755BR68GJ22606 SS08PCH Pn 0812JAX7743 C70F 5/2008 Prentice,Haddington    
  SFD755BR68GJ22607 PR58BEC Pn 0812JAX7758 C57F 9/2008 Prospect,Lye 214   
  SFD755BR68GJ22608 YN58CFX Pn 0812JAX7746 C70F 10/2008 Swans,Chadderton    
  SFD755BR68GJ22609 YN08NKJ Pn 0812JAX7744 C53F 5/2008 Silcox,Pembroke Dock 101   
  SFD755BR68GJ22610 YN08NXY Pn 0812JAX7749 C53F 5/2008 Stephenson,Tholthorpe 5306   
  SFD755BR68GJ22611 YN08NXZ Pn 0812JAX7748 C57F 5/2008 Bell,Hull    
  SFD755BR68GJ22612 PR08ECT Pn 0812JAX7747 C70F 7/2008 Prospect,Lye 107   
  SFD755BR68GJ22613 YN58CFY Pn 0812JAX7750 C70F 9/2008 Swans,Chadderton    
  SFD755BR68GJ22614 YN08SOU Pn 0812JAX7751 C70F 8/2008 Kent Coach Tours,Ashford    
  SFD755BR68GJ22615 PR08PET Pn 0812JAX7754 C70F 7/2008 Prospect,Lye 108   
  SFD755BR68GJ22616 PC58NEC Pn 0812JAX7753 C57F 11/2008 Prospect,Lye 216   
  SFD755BR68GJ22617 PR08BET Pn 0812JAX7755 C70F 7/2008 Prospect,Lye 106   
  SFD755BR68GJ22618 YN58NDE Pn 0812JAX7752 C57F 12/2008 Brodyr James,Llangeitho    
  SFD755BR68GJ22619 YN58CGZ Pn 0712JAX7757 C70F 11/2008 Centaur,Sidcup    
  SFD755BR68GJ22620 PR58WYN Pn 0812JAX7759 C57F 9/2008 Prospect,Lye 215   
  SFD755BR68GJ22621 YN08OXD Pn 0812JAX7756 C53F 6/2008 Whites,Culham    
  SFD755BR68GJ22622 YN09AOS Pn 0812JAX8011 C70F 3/2009 TM Travel,Halfway    
  SFD755BR68GJ22623 YN09KHH Pn 0812JAX8012 C70F 6/2009 Myall,Bassingbourn    
  SFD755BR68GJ22624 YN09HRX Pn 0812JAX8013 C57F 4/2009 Swans,Chadderton    
  SFD755BR68GJ22625 YN09DYA Pn 0812JAX8014 C57F 3/2009 Swans,Chadderton    
  SFD755BR68GJ22626 WA09JPJ Pn 0812JAX8015 C57F 5/2009 Seward,Dalwood    
  SFD755BR68GJ22627 YN09DXW Pn 0812JAX8016 C57F 4/2009 Mid Wales,Penrhyncoch    
  SFD755BR68GJ22628 YN09DYB Pn 0812JAX8017 C57F 3/2009 Swans,Chadderton    
  SFD755BR68GJ22629 YN09HRZ Pn 0812JAX8018 C57F 4/2009 Swans,Chadderton    
  SFD755BR68GJ22630 YN09DYD Pn 0812JAX8019 C53F 3/2009 Divine,Yateley    
  SFD755BR68GJ22631 PC09MOM Pn 0812JAX8020 C57F 5/2009 Prospect,Lye    
  SFD755BR68GJ22632 JJ09ELL Pn 0912JAX8279 C70F 5/2009 Ellison,Ashton Keynes    
  SFD755BR69GJ22633 YN10ABZ Pn 0912JAX8281 C57FL 3/2010 Moffat & Williamson,St Fort    
  SFD755BR69GJ22634 VT59VLT Pn 0912JAX8278 C70F 9/2009 GHA,Ruabon    
  SFD755BR69GJ22635 YN59BLV Pn 0912JAX8284 C57F 10/2009 Centaur,Sidcup    
  SFD755BR69GJ22636 YN59BKG Pn 0912JAX8282 C57F 9/2009 Shephard & Everatt,Evesham    
  SFD755BR69GJ22637 YN59BMO Pn 0912JAX8283 C57F 12/2009 McCarthy & Lomas,Macclesfield    
  SFD755BR69GJ22638 YN59BMV Pn 0912JAX8286 C57F 10/2009 Kineil Coaches,Fraserburgh    
  SFD755BR69GJ22639 YN10ABX Pn 0912JAX8280 C57F 3/2010 Moffat & Williamson,St Fort    
  SFD755BR69GJ22640 AJ10BUS Pn 0912JAX8285 C57F 3/2010 Andybus,Dauntsey    
  SFD755BR69GJ22641 MW59JAV Pn 0912JAX8287 C70F 11/2009 Moffat & Williamson,St Fort    
  SFD755BR69GJ22642 A16CLC Pn 0912JAX8424 C70F 4/2010 Country Lion,Northampton    
  SFD755BR69GJ22643 YN59GNP Pn 0912JAX8437 C70F 1/2010 Heffernan,Perivale    
  SFD755BR69GJ22644 YN59GNO Pn 0912JAX8433 C70F 1/2010 Heffernan,Perivale    
  SFD755BR69GJ22645 DE59ELL Pn 0912JAX8432 C70F 1/2010 Ellison,Ashton Keynes    
  SFD755BR69GJ22646 YN60BVR Pn 0912JAX8430 C53F 9/2010 Plaxton,Anston    
  SFD765BR79GJ22647 YN10FZP Pn 1012JBX8588 C53F 5/2010 Whites,Culham    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22648 LC10DAN Pn 1012JBX8557 C70F 6/2010 Lloyd,Machynlleth CDC1   
  SFD765BR7AGJ22649 LC10WYN Pn 1012JBX8558 C70F 6/2010 Lloyd,Machynlleth CDC2   
  SFD765BR7AGJ22650 PJ10JMJ Pn 1012JBX8560 C70F 6/2010 Jones,Burley Gate    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22651 YN10HJO Pn 1012JBX8589 C57F 7/2010 Mid Wales,Penrhyncoch    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22652 YN60BYV Pn 1012JBX8559 C70F 9/2010 Mid Wales,Penrhyncoch    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22653 YN61AWO Pn 1012JBX8592 C57F 9/2011 Shephard & Everatt,Evesham    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22654 PR11JES Pn 1012JBX8590 C70F 7/2011 Prospect,Lye    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22655 PD11TRD Pn 1012JBX8591 C70F 7/2011 Prospect,Lye    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22656 YN61AWP Pn 1012JBX8593 C57F 9/2011 Shephard & Everatt,Evesham    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22657 YN61AWJ Pn 1012JBX8646 C70F 9/2011 James,Cenarth    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22658 YN61AWM Pn 1012JBX8647 C70F 9/2011 James,Cenarth    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22659 YN60FMM Pn 1012JBX8648 C57F 1/2011 Myall,Bassingbourn    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22660 YN11FUW Pn 1012JBX8649 C53F 3/2011 Whites,Culham    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22661 YN61AXA Pn 1012JBX8650 C57F 9/2011 McCarthy,Macclesfield    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22662 A19CLN Pn 1012JBX8651 C57F 3/2012 Country Lion,Northampton    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22663 CC61CRC Pn 1012JBX8652 C57F 10/2011 Chambers,Stevenage    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22664 YN60BYZ Pn 1012JBX8653 C70F 10/2010 Yeomans,Hereford 28   
  SFD765BR7AGJ22665 YN61AXR Pn 1012JBX8654 C70F 9/2011 Arrowebrook,Croughton    
  SFD765BR7AGJ22666 YN60FMG Pn 1012JBX8655 C70F 11/2010 McCarthy,Macclesfield    

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