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What's in the lists?
Body and Chassis produced by UK/Irish Manufacturers
Body and Chassis produced by non UK/Irish Manufacturers or not built in the UK/Ireland normally only include UK/Ireland deliveries
There are exceptions where a small number of an otherwise UK/Ireland only production series have been delivered to other countries
(normally right hand drive vehicles delivered to Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, Malta etc (such as Kassbohrer and Mercedes) or where a series is primarily sold in the UK (such as Volvo B6BLE and B9TL))
Details are listed at time of delivery/registration and subsequent changes aren't recorded (with a few exceptions)
What lists are there?
Chassis - listed by Manufacturer, Model and where applicable year or common series
Body - listed by Manufacturer and where applicable model, year or common series
Body Style - listed by Body Number e.g. Caetano Levante
Group - listed by Major group
Delivery - listed by Major group and delivery batches
Country - listed by continent and country
Other - listed by dealer stock regisration batches and fuel type
Search - search by Owner, Registration, VIN and more detailed using the Advanced Search
What do the icons and links mean/do?
Recent updates are shown by green at the left if updated wthin a week and yellow within 4 weeks
Rebodied vehicles are shown with * on the left
Search Google or Flickr for photos by clicking on the indicators at the far right of the vehicle
Show all vehicles delivered new to an owner directly from the lists by clicking om the owner
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